Your Search for the Perfect Mattress Pad is Over

When was the last time you woke up feeling fresh and well rested? I have seen all the advertisements showing people bounding out of bed in the morning, a big smile on their face and birds are chirping in the background. Does this seem like your typical morning? No, it is not mine either. Especially when I spent a lot of money on a mattress that did nothing but give me backaches everytime I got out of bed.

The simpler solution is to get myself a memory foam mattress pad. The time had come and gone for a new mattress pad so I figured I would check out one that had been getting rave reviews. The memory foam mattress pad has been recommended for helping increase circulation. It also has been touted as conforming to the shape of your body so it can distribute weight evenly. I figured this must be the answer to why these people were leaping from bed every morning with unlimited energy.

Maybe my weight needed to be distributed evenly and my circulation was not up to par. This may be why I was not the most cheerful person in the morning. Off to the store I went. Looking at the densities and thickness, I was somewhat lost.

Asking for assistance on these foreign terms when it comes to mattress pads, I was advised that 2 inch thickness is plenty for the full benefits of the memory foam mattress. The salesman recommended either 2 or 3 inches, but not 5 inches. With this amount of thickness, he said the person tends to sink in quite deep.

The density depends on the weight of the person using the mattress pad. The typical density is 3 lbs. If you purchase the full 5 lb. density, the indentions you make in the mattress take longer to recover when you roll over or change positions. So, armed with this information, I chose a 3 lb. density and 2 inch thickness.

Assured that if I did not like this memory foam mattress pad, there was a return available I was off to try my new mattress pad. I wanted to be the one hearing birds chirping and have limitless energy after my wonderful night’s sleep. Naturally I was a bit skeptical and wondered if I was purchasing a mattress pad that would swallow me up the instant I crawled onto it. (The 5 inch pad was still stuck in my head.)

Timidly crawling into bed that night, I was amazed at the feeling as soon as I lay down. It actually felt good. The memory foam mattress pad did not sink and swallow me. Movement allowed the mattress pad to recover nicely. I drifted off with the thoughts of sleeping on a cloud in my mind.

The next morning, I have to admit, I did not bound out of bed. Actually I could have stayed longer; it felt so good. I do think I heard a bird singing, though. For the first time in a long time, I felt rested. I did not have backaches or sleeping arms or hands as I had in the past. Improved circulation must be true.

The only disadvantage I did notice was the slight smell to the mattress topper, but this soon went away. Oh yes, one more disadvantage. I cannot get the kids out of my bed because they say it feels so comfortable. Now I have to buy memory foam mattress toppers for the rest of the family.